Gym Rats

Yoga Pants Being the Pied Piper

Getting stalked at the gym by the infamous group of  “Gym Rats” or “Meatheads” is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re getting hit on or followed, it means you look good in your workout pants. However, it also means that some big hulky man dripping in sweat is probably sweating on you as he hovers in hopes to say, “What’s up” or give you head nod. Yeah baby, that really does it for me….

I’ve been told by some men that I know that I’m not very friendly at the gym. Good. let’s keep it that way. My defensive RBF is really working. I typically don’t like to talk to anyone at the gym, unless its one of two men who actually help me out when I lift. I put my headphones in and it’s  my alone time. I disconnect from the every day stresses.

However, it recently dawned on me. I spend 4-5 nights a week at the gym. Perhaps I should lighten up on the RBF and allow some conversation. Afterall, I may need a spotter.

Well….this dramatically backfired. Shocker. My last gym experience included a man grunting loudly with primal screams and looking in my direction after his bicep curls. I have zero upper body strength and I could have lifted the bar with one hand and no grunting. It also included the guy at the leg press who watched me do the abductor machine and who seemed really interested in watching me wipe down the machine after.

However, my favorite was the guy in the sauna after. He insisted that sitting in the middle of the room in the corner and spreading his arms out wearing a towel was the best possible pose. I took a corner spot and actually turned my back away. This didn’t matter. He kept asking me random weird questions yet never introduced himself.

RBF reengaged. 


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